3 Tips For Washing Your Louis Vuitton Real Leather Jacket

3 Tips For Washing Your Louis Vuitton Real Leather Jacket

Louis Vuitton makes some of the finest leather items in the world, but with use and time, those leather items will start to show signs of wear and tear. One of the most common places that this shows up is on your Louis Vuitton leather jacket or other leather items. How you care for your leather jacket can determine how long it lasts, so be sure to follow these simple instructions when washing your Louis Vuitton real leather jacket.

What kind of washing machine should I use for my real leather jacket?

When it comes to washing your Louis Vuitton real leather jacket, we suggest getting a machine that will allow you to control water temperature and strength. Doing so will make sure that your jacket is not damaged in any way by excessive pressure or chemicals. Set water temperatures between 30°C and 40°C, with a delicate spin cycle. Over time, residue from detergents can build up on your real leather; allowing these areas to sit at just a little bit of an elevated temperature for extra minutes as you are spinning your load can help prevent these bits from damaging your item over time. Additionally, avoid products like fabric softeners—they coat items and reduce their ability to repel liquids. What detergent should I use when washing my Louis Vuitton real leather jacket?: To keep your Louis Vuitton real leather jacket looking its best, look for liquid laundry detergent without brighteners or other additives. Many regular powders have perfumes that may damage your clothing’s surface over time. Do not use bleach when washing your clothing; even if you have accidentally stained an area of your item white, bleach may discolor it permanently.

How do I handwash my real leather jackets without damaging them?

Before you put your Louis Vuitton real leather jacket in a washing machine, there are some general tips that apply to all real leather jackets. You’ll want to wash your jacket inside out, on a gentle cycle in cold water. If you have a leather cleaner specifically for leather jackets, that would be best to use. Also avoid using any fabric softener or dryer sheets as they will affect how your jacket will look and feel after drying. If you can’t wash your jacket at home due to its size or shape, hand washing it at your local cleaners is also an option. However, make sure they know how delicate and fragile real leather jackets are before dropping yours off with them! They may not be experienced enough to handle the responsibility of cleaning such expensive pieces of clothing.

In most cases, we advise taking the extra time and energy necessary to do the job yourself so you can ensure your louis vuitton real leather jacket is properly cared for. If it isn’t possible for you to wash your own louis vuitton real leather jacket, contact a reputable tailor who specializes in restoring vintage clothing items like our store does!

What is the best way to dry my handwashed real leather jackets?

A regular hair dryer can make life easier, but you may end up with a blotchy jacket. To ensure your louis vuitton real leather jacket doesn’t suffer from a blowout when you take it out of storage for another season, store it in an airtight container and place something like cedar shavings or balls inside to absorb moisture. Another option is to fold and roll your jacket inside a big white bath towel that absorbs water very well. Dry the outside gently with a cloth and if there are any visible stains on the exterior, try wiping them off before rolling the towel up around the jacket. You should avoid placing your dirty louis vuitton real leather jackets in the same room as clean ones while they are drying because they will collect dust particles that are difficult to remove later on.



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