4 Unique Qualities of Black Diamonds That Make Them So Valuable

4 Unique Qualities of Black Diamonds That Make Them So Valuable


Black diamonds are not just famous because of their color, but also because of the amazing qualities that set them apart from other diamonds. Here are four unique qualities of black diamonds that make them so valuable and sought after. maybe it’s time to start shopping!

1) Although they are more rare than white diamonds, they are still available

Black diamonds are considered to be more rare than white diamonds, but they aren’t so rare that you can’t buy them if you want one. Most jewelry stores carry black diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces because they are a popular choice. A four-carat black diamond is still much less expensive than an equally sized white diamond, despite being more valuable. In fact, it costs less than many people expect. Black diamonds are smaller and have more imperfections: Even though they cost more per carat and hold their value better over time, black diamonds actually have significantly larger inclusions than white diamonds.

2) A black diamond by any other name is still just as valuable

Contrary to popular belief, a black diamond is still a diamond, and just like other precious stones—such as sapphires or rubies—it comes in different colors. It’s really only when a stone is brought to its highest potential that it becomes known as a black diamond. This means that all black diamonds are diamonds, but not all diamonds are black.

3) The term black diamond refers to a variety of colors

pure black, deep blue, purple and even dark green. These diamonds are particularly sought after because they’re so rare, as well as because their coloring makes them stand out from a sea of white. Black diamonds have historically been very valuable, with some weighing more than 600 carats! Here’s what you should know about these rare stones 1. They’re extremely hard: The Mohs scale is used to measure how easily an object can be scratched or worn down by other materials, with 10 being the highest rating possible. Pure carbon falls at a 9 on that scale, making it one of the hardest substances on Earth. For comparison’s sake, sapphires rank at only 8 and rubies at 7—and neither one of those rocks can hold a candle to black diamonds when it comes to toughness!

4) Setting the record straight on black diamonds vs. carbonado

Carbonado is not a diamond at all; it’s a pure form of carbon that occurs naturally in meteors. While it’s extremely rare to find these stones on Earth, carbonado has been found in nature for centuries. Because carbonados are so similar to diamonds, it was assumed for some time that they were actually black diamonds. However, scientific tests have proven that there is no relation between black diamonds and carbonados, and their true identities are now known.



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