5 Things to Look for in a Humidifier

5 Things to Look for in a Humidifier

A humidifier is exceptionally helpful when it comes to addressing better sleep, better skin, and better health in your life. It’s hard to heal from a simple head cold without the help of humidity in the air. Dry nasal passages, a heavy cough, and congested sinus passages need humidity in order to lubricate the passages and break up the phlegm. Dry air can be brutal on cold symptoms, and many studies have been done that actually show that germs and viruses tend to  spread more easily in dry climates. As if this wasn’t ammunition enough to make sure to get a

humidifier mist into your home, the use of a humidifier also helps significantly with good sleep. If your home or bedroom has dry air, there’s a huge chance that your snoring symptoms are being amplified. Humidifiers help by adding moisture to the air that helps coat your sinus passages to make sure you’re sleeping better and working to prevent sleep apnea. Humidifiers truly are the gift that keeps giving, as using one regularly can also help you tackle bad skin that comes from dry skin. Lack of moisturization with your skin can cause itchiness, cracks, and damage.


The list of benefits that come from mist humidifiers could go on and on, but what’s important is that once you bite the bullet and decide to incorporate one into your routine, you pick a quality one. Sadly, not all humidifiers on the market are created equal. Too many don’t have reliable features that prove to be long-lasting and of the utmost quality. We know it can feel overwhelming when a quick internet search brings up multitudes of humidifier options, and you are unsure what qualifications to priortize and look for. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you in hopes of making your decision on which mist humidifier to purchase a whole lot easier. So with the millions of options out there, what are things to look for when selecting a humidifier? We’ve compiled a user-friendly, comprehensive list below.

  1. It has an essential oil tray for diffusing.

One important feature of a cool mist humidifier is that it has a tray for essential oils. Diffusers are another health products that are highly popular right now, as aromatherapy with essential oils has many benefits. By smelling and breathing in various essential oils as they are diffusing, you can actually help address nausea and digestive issues, colds and congestion, PMS and menstrual pains, muscle tension and soreness, and sleep problems. This is why pairing the health benefits of a diffuser with the health benefits of a humidifier creates the perfect product combination for pursuing wellness.

  1. It has a tank that is at least 6 liters and has a high mist output.

Most mist humidifiers on the market right now only hold about 4 liters worth of water. This size humidifier only leads to using it a few nights before the tank runs out of water. If you are looking for qualities in a powerful humidifier, make sure you are looking for ones with a tank that can hold up to 6 liters of water. This helps make your life easier and allows you to not have to continue filling it up. A 6-liter tank should give you about 6 nights’ worth of sleep before you will even need to think about refilling it again. You also want to keep in mind that you want a tank that lists having a high mist output. Too many humidifiers simply do not do their job and produce enough mist and moisture to do the good work it is there to do.

  1. It is whisper quiet.

So many humidifiers on the market are truly noisy when they are turned on. This is obviously less than ideal for a product that is best utilized when sleeping. Most humidifiers whether in your baby’s nursery, child’s bedroom, or your own room run throughout the night, and the last thing you need is a loud product that is hard to sleep through. Make sure when looking for the perfect humidifier that you are looking for one with whisper-quiet technology.

  1. It is filterless.

Many humidifiers on the market end up not being a one-time purchase item. Many come with filters that need to be replaced regularly. Having a pricey filter that needs changing out every two to three months can make for a very expensive humidifier. When picking out a misting humidifier, make sure you’re looking at ones that are filterless and don’t have that added monthly charge in order to just keep the product healthy and running.

  1. It has safety features such as auto shutoff and is ETL Certified.

Safety is a big factor when using a product all night long. There are plenty of humidifiers on the market that is not ETL certified and are therefore unverified when it comes to safety. Making sure your humidifier is ETL certified and has an auto shutoff feature helps you make sure it is reliable, not dangerous, and comes with all the proper certifications.



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