Adidas Product Testing: Let’s Check it Out

Adidas Product Testing: Let’s Check it Out

The quality of our products is the top priority at Adidas, which is why we carry out extensive product testing with thousands of athletes around the world before they hit the shelves. Our product testers include runners, weightlifters, soccer players, and many others who use and abuse our shoes in different climates and terrains to ensure that our products are as durable as possible under a wide range of conditions. Here’s how we do it.

About Adidas Product Testing

Since 1949, we’ve been leading when it comes to product testing. It’s helped us create iconic sneakers, like our Stan Smith and Superstar. Today, what is Adidas product testing looks a little different than in the past- but it still provides an essential way for us to test products under real-world conditions. Whether we’re doing them in our lab or in natural settings that look as close to home as possible, these tests help us learn what works and what doesn’t. Every pair of shoes you love owes a lot to these tests- they’re where it all starts.


From Quality Control to Quality Assurance

To ensure our product testing is always of high quality, we use both Adidas and Adidas product testing. Quality Control is a visual process that inspects products before they go into production. Quality Assurance takes it one step further by physically testing these products after they are made, but before they are delivered to stores. This ensures that if there is a defect or an error in production, we find out and can make corrections.

The result of these two processes is that Adidas product testing the consumer has confidence in what they buy from us because of Adidas product testing high standards we maintain across all our processes – from design and development to quality control and quality assurance.


Digitalizing The Quality Assurance Process

Many times, sports companies will rely on their suppliers for manufacturing various parts of their products and trust them to provide an adequate quality level. With Adidas Product Testing, we take that risk out of the equation by handling quality assurance ourselves to ensure our customers are getting only top-quality products. This process ensures both maximum customer satisfaction and a competitive edge against other major sports brands. The first step in product testing is always checking the sample size of materials received from our suppliers against Adidas’s approved standard colors. Once verified as compliant, we can begin production with confidence that our product will meet the standards set by Adidas. To ensure compliance down the line, during production we inspect each production run before it leaves our facilities to make sure every aspect has been followed correctly and all dimensions have been met.


How Products are Test

For every new product we bring to market, we do extensive testing in our laboratories and on the field. This is how Adidas product testers are born! Through Adidas product testing, we validate that each innovation improves what athletes demand from their gear.

#3 Adidas Crosstrainer sneaker is just one example of innovations made possible by Adidas product testing. With an internal sensor for performance tracking and a sleek-yet-durable design, this shoe perfectly balances out style and substance for all your working days. And because it’s a seamless merge of fashion and function, this shoe also passed the Adidas product tester review!


Benefits of Product Testing

Every detail counts when designing new Adidas products. That’s why we have rigorous testing in place to ensure our creations can stand up to anything you put them through. The most crucial part of the process is product testing, which happens on three levels. These Adidas product testing benefits are always considered before a single design is finalized, so you can be sure they’re as high-performing as possible every time. A closer look at Adidas product testing benefits:

1) Designers and engineers collaborate closely during this phase, with feedback from both parties playing an integral role in shaping prototypes and finished products.

2) Early prototypes also help ensure that manufacturing processes will work effectively—a key concern for any company that wants to reduce costs while producing goods that last.



Thanks to our experts in Adidas, Adidas product testing, and Adidas product testing benefits, you can have a world-class product right off the shelf. Contact our expert team at Adidas, Adidas product testing, and Adidas product testing benefits today!

For more information on Adidas product testing or any of our other services, feel free to contact us here.

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