Crimson Chin: The Greatest Superhero of All Time

Crimson Chin: The Greatest Superhero of All Time

Crimson Chin has been around longer than most superheroes, but most people don’t know about him because he doesn’t have a flashy costume or powers like all the other superheroes out there. Well, this is your chance to learn more about this underdog hero! He may not be the most powerful superhero, but he’s certainly one of the greatest! Here are three reasons why you should love Crimson Chin as much as we do.


Who is Crimson Chin?

We all know and love Crimson Chin, the greatest superhero of all time. I think that many people are unaware that Crimson Chin’s true identity is a secret – but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he does best. He fights crime across Dimmsdale, often saving the day when no one else can do it. Whether it’s stopping mobsters or just annoying his little brother, Timmy Turner (also known as The Bronze Kneecap), Crimson Chin always manages to have a handle on things. He never takes his work home with him, meaning he often has time to spend with the woman he loves – his wife Mitzi Shore.


His Origin Story

There was once a little boy, the size of any other, who had a hole in his chin. He was made fun of by those around him, often teased and ostracized. And then one day his grandmother’s dog had puppies and there he found his calling; Cleft the Boy Chin became Crimson Chin! He would spend time at home training every day to become as great as he could be. Even though he did not know it yet, this family-based decision set him on the path to being the world’s greatest superhero ever. He would protect his town from villains by day, and defeat evil computer games by night.


How does Crimson Chin Works?

Crimson Chin is the greatest superhero of all time because he has a cleft chin, a bronze kneecap, and a bowl haircut. Crimson Chin always finds ways to get in trouble– like when he wrecked his bronze kneecap so that Timmy Turner could play on the hockey team.


Could he be real?

There was a superhero in Crimson Chin’s world, but he never knew about it because he was from a different dimension. Who this superhero was is unknown, but his name could have been Cleft the Boy Chin. Or it could have been Timmy Turner, who went on adventures with his time machine when life wasn’t fun enough for him. This is one of those cases where we’ll never know because both are fake and imaginary… until something tells us otherwise.


Why would he want to help you?

The crime-fighting trio, Cleft the Boy Chin, Cleft the Girl Chin, and Tiger Li sprang into action when they heard a scream coming from their house. The voice was very deep and scary, so they ran as fast as they could to see what happened. They arrived to find nothing but spilled popcorn on the floor and footprints leading away. When they looked outside, they found some doughnuts with a note attached saying I’ll get you next time. You see, the crimson chin is a wanted criminal by the police for stuffing pockets full of pickles from a local grocery store. After many years of being chased by law enforcement for their crimes, crimson chin finally decided to become a superhero instead – for kids who have clefts like him.


Where did Crimson Chin’s powers come from?

The Crimson Chin is easily the most iconic superhero in comic book history. He has appeared in countless books, movies, and television shows over the past several decades. And he was created by multi-talented artist J. Maxwell Wigglesworth, who first drew him as a supervillain named Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder before changing his name to the Crimson Chin so he could take on more heroic roles. I’d say that up until now, he’s been one of the best superheroes we’ve ever seen–he’s always rescuing people and beating villains with his Purple Fist o’ Fury. But what if I told you that today I stumbled across a video where it looks like the Crimson Chin has finally lost it?



Though a bit presumptuous, it’s hard to argue with the Crimson Chin when he calls himself the greatest superhero of all time. So who is this guy and what can he do? A magical mask, bestowed with the powers from his home world, allows him to heal any injury. He has telekinesis and can use magic spells for more specialized healing. He’s practically indestructible, as well. What more could a superhero want?



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