How to Play Absurdle Wordle’s Eviler Twin, a new word game that is a bit silly

How to Play Absurdle Wordle’s Eviler Twin, a new word game that is a bit silly

If you want to be challenged more, this new rival version of Wordle will do the trick. Here’s a look at how Absurdle works and what makes it different.


Wordle has been all over Twitter for the past few weeks, and now some interesting new versions of the game are starting to show up. One of these is Absurdle, whose version of the game is so “absurd” that it is now getting a lot of attention. Now, because Wordle is so easy to use, it has taken over the internet. But with (Absurd), the fact that it is absurd makes it even harder. Aren’t you confused about how different or hard it could be? Here’s what makes this new game even harder than Wordle and why you should try it.


Wordle got you hooked? You Might Like or Dislike “Absurdle”!


Wordle is probably something you already know about. But if you’re not, here’s a quick look at what the game is about. The once-a-day word puzzle Wordle is a hit because it is easy to use and interesting. The goal of the game is to figure out the secret word in six tries by following a series of clues. Players are still excitedly posting on social media enigmatic patterns of green, yellow, and grey emojis that show how they solved the puzzle.


But, as you might expect, the game’s popularity and success have led to a number of copies. As was already said, one strange version of the game is Absurdle. Yeah, it’s just as crazy as its name sounds. Also, this is how the company talks about it! See what they say:


Absurdle is a competitive version of the word guessing game Wordle, which is popular right now.




(It’s crazy) by quantum


Now, let me tell you what makes it so different from Wordle and yet so similar to it. Absurdle gives the impression of picking a single secret word, which is different from Wordle. But what it does is look at the whole list of possible secret words to see if any of them match what you have guessed so far. This means that every time you guess, (Absurd) tries to keep its internal list as long as possible. This is done on purpose to make the game last as long as possible.


Isn’t it interesting?


At the start of the game, Wordle chooses a single secret word, which you then have to guess. But that’s not how Absurdle does it! It’s not a word game where you only get one guess a day. Instead, this competitive game makes up for how silly it is by letting you guess as many times as you want and not just once a day.


Absurdle, a game that was made just a month ago, is a lot like Wordle on the surface. It has a grid, five-letter word guesses, and clues in the form of colored letters. Absurdle doesn’t start with a secret word that players have to work towards. Instead, it starts with nothing. The game starts with 2,315 possible answers, and each time you guess, the AI keeps the maximum number of possible secret words in its back pocket. This forces you to narrow down your choices until you trick the AI into having only one word left.


Want to know how it all works?


Well, if you want to know the truth, the picture you see below is not my first Absurdle. I have to tell you that it annoyed and frustrated me, but it did push me to try again and again until I got it. And I think that’s what makes this version of Wordle so cool. Here’s a quick look at the Absurdle test I did while writing this article:




So, first of all, when you go to the (Absurd) website, the page opens up. As you can see from the picture, the first word I tried was “PINES.” No matter how well (Absurd) was put together, it didn’t work. Because (Absurd) will look in its database for every word that doesn’t have those letters. Now, the answer key will be the letters that are left over. So, you can’t figure out the word on the first try. The second is also impossible to guess. According to quantum, a game can only be as short as four turns.


In my case, you can see that it took me eight guesses to get the word right. What you want to do is put the game in a tight spot. Once there can’t be any unique words that don’t use any of the letters you choose. From here on out, your guesses will start to include green and yellow boxes. For those who don’t know, green squares mean that the letter is in the right place, and yellow squares mean that the correct word has that word somewhere in it.


I’ve played Absurdle a lot, so I know there are some tricks you can use. For example, using up tricky letters early on will probably leave you with words that are easier to guess. But it will give you more answers to choose from. On the other hand, if you guess all the vowels right away, you might be able to narrow down the choices more quickly. But it’s also likely that your answer will be hard to understand.

Absurdle will still change the possible words, but as you keep guessing, the number of words changes less and less. Based on how the game has gone so far, there will only be one possible word left at some point, and then it will be just like regular Wordle.


One thing to remember is that (Absurd) doesn’t follow the “one correct word a day” idea. It is completely determined. This means that (Absurd) hasn’t had a correct word since the beginning of the game. It takes your guesses and uses them to find the right word in its pool. Making the game fun and sometimes so annoying it’s crazy!

But if you’re still not sure how it all works, qntm has a long explanation of how it all works. But playing Absurdle is the best way to understand it.



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