The Untold Truth of Mary J Blige’s Net Worth

The Untold Truth of Mary J Blige’s Net Worth

An R&B singer with one of the most soulful voices ever to come out of the genre, Mary J Blige has amassed an impressive net worth of $60 million over her long music career, and she certainly deserves every penny. But how did Mary J Blige amass such a large fortune? Learn about the money-making projects that have made up Mary J Blige’s net worth below, including her work as an actress and businesswoman. You might be astonished by what you discover!


About Mary J Blige

Mary Jane Blige born on January 11, 1971) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and philanthropist. In 1989, she began her career as a background vocalist for Uptown Records. She has recorded 13 studio albums, eight of which have sold multi-platinum across the world. As of 2019, Blige has sold 80 million records worldwide. Throughout her career, she has earned nine Grammy Awards, four American Music Awards, twelve Billboard Music Awards and has also received three Golden Globe Award nominations, including one for her supporting appearance in the 2017 film Mudbound and another for the film’s original song Mighty River. What’s the 411? was her debut album, published in 1992.


What Is Mary J. Blige’s Salary Per Album?

Though her career started small, Mary J. Blige has become one of the most successful and popular R&B artists in the world. Since the publication of her debut album, What’s the 411? she has received a lot of attention. in 1992, she has gone on to sell over 50 million records and win nine Grammy Awards. So, what is Mary J. Blige’s net worth? Mary J. Blige’s net worth is $80 million.

How Much Does a Celebrity Have to Earn Per Album to Cover Their Expenses?: A celebrity typically earns between $1-$2 million per album in royalties, but that number can be as high as $5-$6 million for certain superstars like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift.

How Much Does a Celebrity Have to Earn Per Album to Cover Costs?: A celebrity typically earns between $1-$2 million per album in royalties, but that number can be as high as $5-$6 million for certain superstars like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift.


How Does Mary Get So Much Done in One Day?

Superwoman. That’s the only way to describe Mary J Blige. The nine-time Grammy winner has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, starred in multiple movies and television shows, and is currently working on her fashion line. So, how does she do it all? How does she balance her career with being a mother to four children and a wife to Kendu Isaacs? She told Essence magazine, I think my success comes from finding balance. With a smile that would melt your heart, she added: If I had an hour of free time right now I would call my family!


How Has She Accomplished All She Has?

Though she’s been in the industry for over two decades, Mary J Blige shows no signs of slowing down. The multi-talented artist has won nine Grammy Awards, released thirteen studio albums, and acted in several successful films. So, how has she accomplished all of this? And what is her net worth? Mary J Blige has an estimated net worth of $150 million, which does not include the value of her clothing line House of Dereon or her stake in Carol’s Daughter products. It also doesn’t account for any money she made from songwriting royalties.

While it may seem that Blige had it easy because she was discovered by Puff Daddy at an early age, remember that it took hard work to make that happen.

Blige had to develop a voice that could carry through genres like hip hop and soul but never lose its humanity. She succeeded by making personal lyrics that resonated with listeners who felt alone or ignored by society. Her accomplishments will be honored at the 2017 Soul Train Awards on November 27th with the Visionary Award!


How Will She Continue To Grow?

Mary J Blige is a musical icon. With a career spanning over two decades, she has sold over 50 million records and has won nine Grammy Awards. Her estimated net worth is $20 million. But what about her future? The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul hasn’t released an album since 2014 when she dropped My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act 1). It would be fair to say that the last few years have been difficult for her. In 2012, the 47-year-old singer filed for divorce from her husband after 18 years together. A year later in 2013, Blige was involved in a car accident that caused minor injuries but led her to quit smoking cigarettes as a result.


What Is the Mary J. Blige House?

The Mary J. Blige house is a 9,000-square-foot estate in Saddle River, New Jersey. The home was purchased by Blige in 2001 for $12.5 million. The property includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. In 2016, the home was listed for sale for $8.9 million. It was removed from the market after being on the market for two months. There are many other homes that Mary J. Blige has owned over the years but none are as lavish as this one. She also owns a modest 2,600-square-foot ranch-style home in Bergen County, New Jersey which she paid $615,000 for back in 1999 when she first moved to America from London where she had grown up with her father and mother who were both musicians themselves.


Final Thoughts

Mary J. Blige is a formidable force. Not only is she an incredible singer, songwriter, and actress, but she’s also built up pretty impressive net worth. While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how much the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has in the bank, it’s safe to say that her net worth is well into the millions.



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