Top 5 Benefits of Dedicated Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

Top 5 Benefits of Dedicated Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

Acquiring an eCommerce domain is all fun and exciting until you need a service plan that caters to your requirements. Online stores are way different than a site with basic content-related management. With eCommerce business comes great responsibility in terms of protecting your buyer’s sensitive information, such as contact and bank account details. And these are one of those factors that you can’t afford to compromise on. One wrong move and users may start questioning your credibility as a business owner. What if we tell you that dedicated server hosting can help you run an eCommerce site effectively?


Dedicated Servers for E-commerce Websites

It’s easier to find a server plan on the internet. Only a single search will show you a plethora of service providers, be it best cloud hosting, VPS hosting, or shared hosting, that you can choose from and host your website. However, it can become a challenge if you’re looking for a hosting plan for your eCommerce website.

Ecommerce websites are different than regular ones. They utilize more resources and require concrete steps to ensure maximum protection against cybercrimes. This is why a cheap dedicated server makes a suitable choice for eCommerce website owners.

For this type of hosting, you need a server that provides uninterrupted website operation, 24/7, something that only dedicated servers can guarantee. With fully scalable resources, dedicated servers enable you to receive thousands of web visitors daily, store and secure sensitive user information, and offer a seamless user experience to your website visitors.

If you are not convinced yet, take a look at its benefits.

1)     Little to No Website Downtime

As a business owner, you’d want to make the most of the holiday season. People, on the other hand, also look for resources that allow them to shop without any interruption. So, your website is likely to receive higher traffic volume.

And in this scenario, no one wants to deal with a website’s downtime. Downtimes contribute to revenue loss, especially during the holiday season or peak hours. Remember, downtimes occur due to insufficient hosting resources, server interruptions, DDoS attacks, or even human errors. Downtimes also influence SEO, making you lose your SERP ranking.  When you decide to go for a dedicated server, you can effortlessly manage unexpected surges in website traffic on special days – without any interruptions.

More so, you can take advantage of full root access and customize server security to prevent cyber-attacks, such as DDoS attacks.

2)     Ensures Faster Page Loading Speed

Around 70% of buyers assert that page speed helps them determine whether to shop from that particular online retailer or not. Imagine if consumers leave your website during peak business hours due to slow loading speed. Doesn’t it directly lead to revenue loss?

Since page loading speed contributes to the user experience of your clientele, if your eCommerce site takes more than a few seconds to load, it’ll encourage the customer to look for another site that loads faster.

On top of that, search engines also push down an eCommerce website that has a slower loading time. All of this won’t allow your eCommerce business to progress further. This is where dedicated servers come into play. These servers help improve your website speed.

Because dedicated server hosting will give you access to sufficient bandwidth, disk space, processing memory, and so on, these servers are capable of handling several resource-intense websites. Especially when used for a single eCommerce website, dedicated servers are likely to increase web page loading time drastically.

3)     Improves Overall SEO Practices

It’s no secret that search giant Google prefers sites that provide top-tier user experience, including unmatched safety and security.

Remember, search engines aim to provide accurate search results without compromising user experience.  With dedicated hosting, you get an opportunity to ensure a streamlined experience for your customers on your eCommerce website. With an improved page loading speed and almost no concerns regarding downtime, you can keep customers happy and make the most of your SEO efforts.

4)     Provides Top Tier Security

Running an eCommerce store includes keeping your customer’s data secured. Remember, data integrity is an essential factor that you must consider while running your online store. Dedicated server providers usually have protocols they follow, so you don’t have to follow any additional steps to maintain security. The service provider will be responsible for updating the software on your server and restricting access by giving it to only one admin.

Since there’ll be limited access, you won’t need to stress over data breaches. Other factors, such as general maintenance and backups by service provider also contributes to their superior security levels.

5)     Improves Overall Business Credibility

While running an online store, remember that online customers are impatient. Either you’ve to work on your page loading speed or see visitors leave your site, elevating the bounce rate. Performance lags or poor user experience don’t satisfy a user. So you must take the necessary steps to maintain your online credibility.

With dedicated server hosting, you can reduce risks related to performance lags and improve page speed. This happens due to round-the-clock resource availability and leads to high uptime. When visitors can access your web page without interruption, it won’t only make you a credible resource but help you build a loyal client base too.  


Wrap Up

No doubt, dedicated server hosting has the potential to become your ultimate solution regarding your eCommerce website hosting needs. It’s secure. It’s quick. It’s feature-packed. And what else do you need to thrive in the eCommerce realm?

Dedicated hosting is effective in various ways and has the potential to take your eCommerce business venture to unprecedented heights.



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