What Are Inverse Functions?

What Are Inverse Functions?

Inverse operations are constantly applied in the study of mathematical functions to get the inverse of any given function. One that may be used to determine the inverse of an exponential function is a logarithmic function, for instance. Our main objective is to show how to precisely get the inverse of any phrase, regardless of the circumstances. However, if you want precise and quick answers, consider calculator-online.net’s online inverse function calculator. Using our free online inverse calculator, you can quickly get the inverse of any mathematical function. How do you feel about this, then?


In this technical read below, the process for figuring out a function’s inverse will be covered.


Let’s move forward!

What Is the Inverse of a Function?

An inverse in mathematics is a function that helps to “undo” another function. If f(x) generates y, then in this situation y is substituted into f’s inverse to produce x. The inverse of an invertible function f is represented by the symbol f-1.

The Equation for the Inverse of a Function:

To get a function’s inverse, apply the formula below:


f1(x) = y where f(y) = x

But for quick and precise results, we advise utilizing the free online inverse function calculator instead of this approach, which takes a long time to calculate the result.

Steps Required:

The most effective method for determining a function’s inverse is to use an inverse function calculator. On the other hand, manual computations are a little more challenging. But don’t worry, we’ll make it all very simple for you and explain everything. Below are descriptions of the three main strategies you must use to solve inverse function issues.


  • Start by changing f(x) to y, then all of x and y to y, and finally all of y to the x.
  • The expression for the resulting variable y should then be calculated. Just be careful; this period may be pretty frightening and lead to calculations going wrong.

Several Common Inverses:

The most helpful functions and their inverses are shown here, and you may quickly check them using the free inverse function calculator.

Examples from Real Life:

You are aware that distance depends on both time and speed. When you know the distance and speed and want to know how long it will take you to get there, you use the inverse of the aforementioned function. To put it another way, the division is the opposite of multiplication. In our daily lives, inverse functions are often employed. Because we previously defined an inverse as a common function, we are just unaware of it. However, we are confident that utilizing the free inverse function calculator will help you comprehend the inverse function’s practical concerns.


Every day in real life, inverse functions are used. An example of an inverse function is when a computer receives a number you punch in, converts it to binary for internal storage, and then prints it out again on the screen you view. An easy example is converting temperature from °F to.

In Summary:

In this post, we looked at how to get a function’s inverse. Additionally, it was claimed that using a free inverse function calculator might speed up these calculations. We sincerely hope it will be very helpful to you!



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