Why Apple Products Are So Expensive

Why Apple Products Are So Expensive

Why are Apple products so expensive? It’s a fair question, considering the price tag that comes with the purchase of an iPhone or MacBook. As one of the most valuable companies in the world, Apple has the ability to sell its products at any price it wants, and many people feel like they’re paying too much. However, it turns out there are several reasons why Apple products are so expensive, and most of them have to do with keeping quality standards high and creating technological innovation where none existed before.

The Design

When you buy an iPad or MacBook Air, you’re not just paying for that gadget. You’re also paying for all of Apple’s design resources and expertise. The company is famous for its minimalist aesthetic and simple design, but it took hundreds of prototypes to perfect these products. With such a high price tag on these items, customers expect excellence—and they get it with every single purchase. Just one more reason that when people spend money on an Apple product, they know they are getting their money’s worth. And since consumers love a good deal—well, it looks like Apple has got another winner on its hands.

The Speed

People who own Macs often say they’re faster than PCs. That’s true in many cases, but Macs aren’t always quicker than Windows machines that have been set up properly and have good specs. The main advantage of Macs is that they never get viruses. But you can get those for a few bucks on eBay and then put them on any PC to keep your computer safe from viruses. This makes Macs cheaper over time than PCs that cost more up front but require regular anti-virus protection—and it frees up space on your hard drive, too, since there’s no need to install anti-virus software.

The Apps

The high price of an Apple product doesn’t only come from its name; it’s also about what you’re paying for. The iPhone, for example, comes with a number of apps pre-installed—so if you switch phones to something else (or move your phone to another carrier), you lose out on all those programs. You can always download them again from iTunes, but it’s certainly convenient if they’re already there. You also get free cloud storage through iCloud and free customer service via email. While other phone companies are adding these kinds of benefits, at present they remain exclusive to iOS devices and platforms—and since Apple designs both hardware and software, that presents an extra advantage over its competitors.

The Quality

You may have heard that iPhones and other Apple products are expensive. But, you may not know why. It boils down to three things: quality, convenience, and perceived value. When it comes to technology, Apple takes pride in delivering high-quality products that people perceive as worth their high price tags. By doing so, customers get a premium experience—they feel like they’re getting more for their money. The device lasts longer and works better than other phones on the market; it delivers faster speeds (at least until recently), great camera quality, and tight security features like Touch ID recognition technology.



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