Cricbuzz – the ultimate destination for cricket fans!

Cricbuzz – the ultimate destination for cricket fans!

If you love cricket, you’re probably familiar with Cricbuzz. The online platform provides cricket lovers with up-to-date information about the sport and its teams and players, from recent matches to current happenings on the field and elsewhere. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just want to keep up on the game, Cricbuzz has something to offer. Check out these great features to find out more about what Cricbuzz has to offer!


Why Cricbuzz is on top

Cricbuzz has been streaming live cricket matches on its website since 2009. Today, cricbuzz is not just a place to watch live games. It’s also a place where cricket fans come to watch highlights, talk about the sport and share their thoughts on everything from who should bat next to Did you see that dismissal? (yes, they mean it when they say everything). Whether you’re a new or old fan of this epic game, if you want to make sure that nothing in your world passes you by, there’s no better way than joining cricbuzz today. So what are you waiting for? Join us at cricbuzz now and experience it all!

If you want to watch a match but don’t know when it will begin, cricbuzz has got you covered. With live streaming available in almost every country across the world, now you can access matches from wherever you are. There’s nothing that can hold you back if cricbuzz is around. If there’s a game on and you have an internet connection, that’s all you need to be able to enjoy live streams of your favorite matches directly on your computer or through one of our mobile apps.


Where can I find the schedule?

The schedule, while on the front page of cricbuzz, is also found by clicking on live. On live, a table will be seen with either Cricket or ODI going down one side and T20 along the other. Below that, you can click on any team’s name to see their fixtures which will show you when they are playing next and who they are playing against. For example, if India were up against Bangladesh then you would click India and Bangladesh.

If any matches have already happened that day then these will appear at the top of your screen sorted from the most recent match at 12am and moving back in time all the way until 1 pm.


Best of Cricbuzz

You know you love cricket, but do you really know what’s going on in the world of international crickets? We’ll give you all the info about upcoming matches, players, and tactics. Check out our new CricBuzz blog to keep up with what’s happening in international cricket-related news. Keep checking back here to get more updates from our blog, as well as some great articles and videos. And while we have your attention, don’t forget to stop by our store to buy team merchandise like caps and T-shirts. What are you waiting for?

So whether you’re a casual fan or a lifelong follower, don’t miss out on our great coverage of international cricket matches and events. And while you’re here, check out some other sections of our website to make sure you get all your cricket news and updates in one place. Here at CricBuzz, we try to give you everything about international cricket in one place, so make sure you keep checking back for more news as it comes out.


Cricbuzz Benefits

Features a live scorecard, scores of all ongoing matches, schedule, points table, and player profiles. Get up-to-date world cricket news and clips that include interviews with players and experts. Cricbuzz is available in 14 languages: Bengali, Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), Finnish, French (FR), German (DE), Hebrew (IW), Hungarian, Italian (IT) Korean Mandarin (MO), Polish. We also have the latest stories about retired cricketers in our legends section.

Cricbuzz is an innovative concept that makes use of the latest technology to let you relive every exciting minute of a match. With Live Cricket Streaming, Live Score Card, Match Predictions, and much more we take cricket viewing to a whole new level. Cricbuzz provides you with all that you need to know about upcoming matches around the world along with your favorite teams and players. Not only that but we also let you get nostalgic by providing special coverage on retired legends.


Fans of Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, as well as among people of Indian descent elsewhere. Indians have held an undeniable and fundamental impact on cricket as we know it today. Every major milestone in the history of cricket has been achieved by Indians and they will keep dominating this game until eternity.

The popularity of Cricket has contributed to its immense following across different countries and continents. As per a report by The Independent, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 set an all-time TV audience record in India with 629 million viewers tuning in at some point during the tournament. This was almost double of what Wimbledon 2014 attracted in its TV viewership numbers, which shows how huge Cricket is.

The popularity of Cricket has contributed to its immense following across different countries and continents.



Cricbuzz offers extensive coverage of international cricket, as well as a live video feed and scores. Cricbuzz is the most extensive source for coverage of international and Australian Cricket, not to mention one of the most popular sites in all of India. It offers various channels which offer separate commentaries depending on what is happening in a game. Whether you’re an avid fan who follows every match or someone who casually tunes in during periods when your favorite team isn’t playing, Cricbuzz has got you covered with live scores, score updates, and commentary on matches.



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