India vs Pakistan: Who Will Win the Next Showdown?

India vs Pakistan: Who Will Win the Next Showdown?

The rivalry between India and Pakistan has been going on for over 65 years. The next time the two cricket teams face off will be in January 2017, at the National Stadium in Delhi, India. The match promises to be another slugfest, with fans of both sides in attendance and millions more watching online or on TV around the world. Before we see who wins the next big showdown between these two nations, let’s take a look at what led up to this historic match


About India vs Pakistan

Pakistan vs India the biggest rivalry between the two teams for many years. Who will win tomorrow? the tension between both of them what will happen? Pakistan  vs India both have good players and strategy


A Match Analysis

Team India will win based on their recent performance. They beat Ireland comprehensively in the T20s, and a few days ago they lost against Sri Lanka by just 3 runs in ODIs. Team Pakistan played two games and won both of them – against West Indies in ODIs and against Australia in Tests. Still, cricket is not just about statistics, so no one can predict what is going to happen.


Who Have Better Skills

Pakistan has better skills because they are more skilled in many ways. In a recent one-day match, India beat Pakistan by six wickets but it was still hard. It was a low-scoring game with batsmen on both sides frustrated at their partners for giving away too many runs. Moreover, both teams were good with field placements as they tried to disrupt batting and make things happen for their team. But what really gave them an edge is their bowling attack where Nasim Shah proved once again that he could be lethal if given enough time.


Hype Behind The Match

Pakistan and India have been competing against each other since their partition in 1947. After their most recent showdown, what’s next for these archrivals? To answer this question, we need to look at where they stand now. After a recent 71-run victory over India, Pakistan is currently ranked higher in the World Cricket Rankings than India (123 to 127). It also has more ODI wins against its opponent, with 47 as opposed to India’s 36.

Pakistan is currently playing better than its competitor and will likely continue to play better going forward.


Practice of Teams

In this clash, Pakistan can come out on top. They are coming off a 2-0 win against Australia and have kept clean sheets in their last five matches. Pakistan is not an easy team to beat and its ranks are bolstered by experience and talent. On the other hand, India has had trouble scoring goals, only securing three from four games played so far. There will be few chances created for each side’s strikers as one of them seems content to soak up the pressure defensively rather than attack forward. This should limit opportunities for both teams to notch up any more goals, which means it’s most likely going to be an ugly game of defense with few chances created on either end of the pitch


Final Thoughts About Match

Pakistan has seemed to be more dominant in recent matches, however, this will not last. India is at home and can take advantage of its momentum from recent tournament wins to seal a victory and stamp its dominance in this rivalry. The match should be another close one but with Indian power behind them, it would not be shocking if they come out victorious.

Pakistan will bring what seems like more energy for the next matchup and will attempt to top their win in Dubai. However, it won’t happen as India pulls away late in the game to end up on top with a 3-2 victory.



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