Get Excited for All American Season 4! Here’s Everything We Know

Get Excited for All American Season 4! Here’s Everything We Know

Fans of All American know how passionate they are about the show, and they’re equally passionate about sharing their opinions with anyone who will listen. While there hasn’t been much news so far about what will happen in the next season, fans are eagerly speculating about which players will be joining the cast, hoping that their favorite characters will make a return, and looking forward to any details that might be leaked from behind-the-scenes production. Here’s everything we know so far about All American Season 4!


The Cast

All American season 4 is coming and we could not be more excited! The show has been renewed by The CW and is set to air in mid-2021. The cast for the new season has been announced and includes some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Tyler Posey will return as Spencer James, Daniel Ezra will return as Coop, Bre-Z will return as Layla Keating, Michael Evans Behling will return as Jordan Baker, Geno Segers will return as Coach Billy Baker, and Karimah Westbrook will return as Grace James. New to the cast are Monet Mazur, who will play Daisy Tate, and Farrah Mackenzie, who will play Olivia Baker.


The Storyline

All American season 4 will continue to follow the life of high school football player Spencer James. The new season will pick up after a time jump, with Spencer now in college. He’ll be faced with new challenges and obstacles, both on and off the field. Along with Spencer, we’ll also get to see more of his friends and family, including his sister Olivia and best friend Coop. Get excited for all the drama, romance, and action that’s sure to come in season 4 of All American! Catch All American season 4 when it premieres this fall on the CW!


The Premiere Date

All American season 4 is set to premiere on Monday, January 18th at 8pm EST on The CW. The new season will consist of 16 episodes, just like the previous three seasons. And it will once again air on Mondays at 8pm EST. As for what we can expect from the new season, fans will finally get to see Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and his family deal with the aftermath of his shooting. It’s not yet clear how he’ll fare after being shot in the chest by a sniper in the season 3 finale, but you know he’ll be back. Another highlight of All American season 4? A special tribute episode that takes place before high school football games during which players and coaches will be given a moment to reflect on themselves and their life achievements while they were wearing their jersey or helmet before kickoff. It’s a great way to honor those who have impacted so many lives through sports.


The Promo Trailers

All American season 4 is just around the corner and we could not be more excited! The CW has released a few promo trailers and we have gathered all the information we could find to get you ready for what’s to come. All American follows the story of Spencer James, a young African-American teenager from South Central Los Angeles who is recruited to play football for Beverly Hills High School. The show addresses many important issues such as race, class, and privilege. Season 4 is sure to be just as thought-provoking and exciting as the previous seasons.



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