Simple tips and tricks for maintaining your refrigerator

Simple tips and tricks for maintaining your refrigerator

A clean home environment gives you a healthy life. You must ensure you keep your home and environment clean to live a sustainable life. You have to clean the refrigerator, The decision to keep your home clean includes using products with minimal packaging, compliance with recycling rules, minimizing water and energy consumption, and proper care and maintenance of the things you use at home. These will help reduce the environmental risks caused by human activities.

A refrigerator is a device that a homeowner cannot do without. The functions are constantly overlooked, and proper maintenance is not carried out. Examples of refrigerators are the Dubai refrigerator. It is often expensive to repair or replace a broken refrigerator. When a damaged refrigerator is removed, it contributes to the unwanted waste products in a landfill, which can increase the destruction of the environment. There are ways to maintain and repair your refrigerator and extend its life.

Understand how your refrigerator works by maintaining it proactively and constantly. It saves you money and effort, which it could have used to repair or buy a new one. Constant maintenance lets you detect leaks and defective parts early and repair them before they become a big problem later. A well-maintained refrigerator can last more than 18 years.

Maintaining your refrigerator every two months is not time-consuming. It keeps your food and drinks in the fridge fresher and bacteria-free.


Tips for cleaning your refrigerator

Clean everything inside: remove all items from the refrigerator and do a spring cleaning. Anything expired or stale should be thrown in the trash. Always Scan your items for an expiration date before purchasing.


Clean inside and outside: after disposing of unwanted items, use a washcloth or sponge with warm soapy water to clean the outside. Carefully wipe the shelves under the shelves, drawers for items, and drawer shelves. Do not use soap that contains chemicals.

Rub away the dirt thoroughly: objects in the refrigerator tend to stick tenaciously. Wash it well to remove the mass.

Arrange your items neatly: don’t put your items in the refrigerator randomly. Arrange them carefully in the order of the items you need first. To avoid food waste, use foods or drinks about to expire. Orderly arrangements make it easy to take stock of items in your refrigerator.

Avoid odors: use a deodorant to prevent the discharge of unpleasant odors from the refrigerator. Apply deodorants every two months to absorb the pungent odor and make your refrigerator smell good.


Always check the temperature: the refrigerator’s temperature wheel is at 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The dial can be accidentally hit when cleaning or taking items inside or outside the refrigerator.

Fill your fridge to the brim: some people eat out and neglect to refill their fridge. If it is kept full, the thermal mass is preserved. You can put water bottles in it if you don’t have food to store.

Cleaning the sump: the sump is located under the device to collect condensed moisture and melted ice. To prevent the presence of bacteria, clean it every two months. Below are steps for cleaning the drip tray.

  • Read the manual that came with the refrigerator. Please find out the location of the drip tray and carefully follow the safety instructions for its removal.
  • Wipe it with a sponge soaked in slightly hot soapy water.
  • Look for breakage in the pan. If there are cracks, buy a new pan to replace the damaged one to avoid leakage.
  • Check the drain hole for accumulated food debris and animal hair. Throw away and clean thoroughly.

Cleaning the gasket: the gasket is located on the edge of the refrigerator doors. In addition, perform a bi-monthly cleaning to ensure tight sealing and thermal mass control. It also prevents energy from escaping.

Steps for cleaning the gasket:

  • Open the door of the refrigerator.
  • Vacuum residues, food residues, and animal hair
  • Dip a toothbrush in a mixture of mild hot soapy water and a drop of vinegar. Brush the refrigerator door sealing line to clean it.
  • Apply lubricants such as jelly oil to the gasket to extend its life.

Examine the seal to see if it is deformed or cracked. If it is cracked or deformed, buy a new gasket and throw away the old one. Put a dollar bill in the door and close it. Withdraw the money gradually, without opening the door. If the money comes out quickly, the gasket is loose. Replace it with new ones.

Perform steps one to five, which are repeated every two months.

Repairing a refrigerator in Dubai can be expensive and can sometimes be the best choice for cleaning and maintenance.




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