Walmart’s Neighborhood Market: A Convenient Option for Shopping

Walmart’s Neighborhood Market: A Convenient Option for Shopping

Traditional grocery stores are great if you’re looking to get in and out quickly, but if you have time to spare and want more variety, then Walmart Neighborhood Market may be the perfect option for you. In addition to offering many products that smaller grocery stores do not carry, Walmart Neighborhood Market also offers conveniences that larger grocery stores don’t offer. Here are three reasons why you should visit your neighborhood Walmart Neighborhood Market.


About Walmart Neighborhood Market

When the Wal-Mart corporation set out to grow, it didn’t want to abandon its roots in rural America. They had first opened up Wal-Mart stores, with the intention of expanding into places where big grocery chains wouldn’t open up shop. This was known as the Wal-Mart strategy. But this wasn’t enough; they wanted something that would work in both rural and urban areas. The result is a new kind of store – Walmart’s Neighborhood Market. These stores are smaller than a traditional Wal-Mart store, but they still offer many of the same brands and services like a pharmacy, bakery, and more! While your typical Walmart offers 150 items on its produce shelves, the new small-scale markets carry about 30 items each.


Reasons to shopping at a Walmart

Shopping at Walmart is always a great option. I can find any product imaginable, typically at the cheapest price. While the options might not be quite as broad as what you would find in a grocery store, Walmart does offer an ample selection of frozen foods, produce, dairy products, meats, and deli items, along with personal care items like makeup and household cleaners. And if I forget something on my list when I arrive to shop? Walmart also has a fairly extensive home decor department stocked with all sorts of home-related items from linens to pots and pans–so no worries about forgetting something for your house on your way out!

It’s no secret that Walmart is an incredibly huge retailer, both in physical locations and online. Not only does Walmart have a great reputation when it comes to price, but they also carry some of my favorite brands. In fact, most of my cosmetics and beauty products are from e.l.f., one of Walmart’s many house brands! I also love how you can find just about any type of product imaginable at Walmart–from groceries to electronics–and at such affordable prices.


Benefits of Shop at Walmart

There are plenty of reasons to shop at Walmart. Perhaps the most important is how you will spend your money and help the economy by shopping at our stores. Not only that, but through a partnership with Feeding America, we offer free food on Sundays to hungry children in America who might not otherwise have anything to eat. The Walmart neighborhood market is a convenient option for shopping, providing one-stop shopping with a large variety of all-family merchandise. You’ll find fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, and much more in one location that is perfect for balancing the wants and needs of everyone in your family.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, and your family or running errands, there is something at Walmart for everyone. If you want to stay healthy, we offer organic foods and a wide variety of grocery items including pantry staples and gourmet products. Our department store provides clothing options from baby clothes to formal attire as well as shoes, toys, and more. The Home department offers essential household goods like housewares, pet supplies, and other useful items you need around your home to keep it tidy and organized.



No matter what your local Walmart store is doing to meet customer needs, they have you covered when it comes to time-saving conveniences. There are a number of factors that make the neighborhood market the perfect place to shop: order pickup, drive-thru pharmacy, and McDonald’s Restaurant. That’s right; you don’t even need to get out of your car for these convenient shopping experiences! There are also benefits for frequent Walmart shoppers with a Walmart credit card and Savings Catcher smartphone app.

At Walmart, we take pride in having a convenient option for shopping. The neighborhood market is small enough to be accessible and large enough to offer everything you need at an affordable price. Plus, there are many services available such as order pickup, drive-thru pharmacy, and McDonald’s Restaurant with your choice of chicken nuggets or french fries that can help you save time while also saving money.

Sign up – Third Paragraph: This year, consider visiting a Walmart neighborhood market instead of your local big box store!


Is it Worth it

It can be hard to get everything you need in one trip to the grocery store, which is why Walmart has introduced a new concept: the Walmart Neighborhood Market. You might have heard about it, or seen it yourself while browsing through the aisles of your local grocery store, but do these markets live up to the hype? First off, let me preface by saying that this post isn’t sponsored by Walmart (or any other major grocery company). This is simply an honest opinion from someone who lives near and regularly shops at a Walmart Neighborhood Market. Most people are in a hurry nowadays. The days of having enough time to go grocery shopping and leisurely wander around a department store choosing anything you want are over.


Final Thoughts

As more and more major grocery chains such as Safeway and Kroger switch to smaller stores with a stronger focus on natural and organic products, Walmart has begun introducing its own market-sized grocery store. The first neighborhood market opened in 2011 in Springfield, Missouri and others have since been built in Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Kansas City (Missouri), Greensboro (North Carolina), and Orlando. They’re not meant to compete with the traditional supermarkets but they are much closer to them than their Supercenter counterparts. This is another way that Walmart is adapting to consumers’ changing needs while making life easier for shoppers on the go. The new Walmart Neighborhood Markets are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to modern convenience shopping.



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